Personal Details

Name: Nicholas Hughes
Nationality: British
Visa Status: Permanent Resident
Email: [email protected]

Welcome To My Resume 

Summary Of My Primary Roles And Experience:

Governance, Risk, Compliance: Expertise in designing and implementing Data Governance and Third-Party management. I have deep experience in evaluating the risks associated with technology processes and operations and designing new or improving existing key controls to effectively manage risks and costs and therefore create business value.

Information Security: Experience in reviewing system designs against company standards and policies. Recommending changes to improve the security of the design, coordinating with business stakeholders, Project Managers, Solution design and building teams including Penetration and Vulnerability testers..

Project and Program Management: Wide experience in both Infrastructure and Software Development projects, using both Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Projects of note include Data Warehouse Migrations, Server and System builds and Data Center Migrations

Internal Auditing: Experience as lead Technology auditor for various audit entities such as Technology Infrastructure, Information Security, Software Development, Back Office Systems, Continuity of Business/ Disaster Recovery and Acquisitions and Divestitures

I have familiarity with a wide variety of Systems, platforms (Cloud, Virtual and on Premise), standard business applications and architectures.  


1. Governance Risk and Compliance Management
2. Information Security
3. Program and Project Management.
4. Technology Auditing
5. Service Operations, Design, and Integration Management.

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